Dell Financial Services is the new darling of financial analysts

Dell Financial is the newest startup to take the financial advice market by storm, but its CEO doesn’t see the company as a competitor. 

Dell Financial’s new venture, Dell Financial Advisors, is offering a suite of financial services, from online advice to direct investment advice, through its own mobile app, and will work with its existing customers to offer more direct service.

“Dell is really in the business of helping customers better manage their finances and making their lives easier,” said CEO Nicolas Pinto, who has led Dell for nearly three years.

“We’re a financial adviser, and we’re a company that’s focused on helping people make the most of their finances.

We’ve never had a competitor that we felt could help us with the task at hand.” 

In an interview with The New York Times, Pinto said that the new services would be targeted at “small, medium, and large businesses, all with budgets that are under $50,000.”

The services would help people like him “make better decisions about their money,” he said.

As the world’s largest PC maker, Dell has long been the leader in financial services.

Its investment advisory division is one of the most popular and lucrative in the world.

In 2014, Dell earned $1.8 billion in revenue, with the company’s investment advisers generating $1 billion in fees.

The company has also built a reputation as a provider of financial software and services, with a huge portfolio of investment advice tools that help financial professionals manage their portfolios and portfolios of assets.

In addition to investing, Dell also has a wealth management and wealth planning section, where it also provides investment advice.

Pinto did not specify which of those areas he was referring to.

“We believe in helping people achieve their goals,” Pinto told the Times.

“And we think our customers will be the ones to really benefit from our advice and advice that we can provide.

We want to be there for them.”

Pinto said the new products are still in the very early stages of development, but that he’s optimistic they’ll be available in the next few months. 

As for the future, Pintens optimism is tempered somewhat by the fact that Dell has been unable to generate enough revenue to cover its costs for the last two years.

Pinten said that as a result, he’s “not very confident” about the company ever finding a profit.

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