‘You will pay for it’: Consumers complain of a ‘financial tsunami’ in Canada

In Canada, consumer spending on toys and toys-related services surged by 6.5 per cent in 2016, as a wave of baby boomers started heading back to work and a growing number of families are turning to online shopping.

In the United States, the number of Americans who bought toys jumped 17.3 per cent last year, with most of that increase driven by baby boomer households.

A report released Tuesday by the Canadian Association of Consumer Protection found that the surge in toys and entertainment spending was being driven by millennials who are the biggest consumers of toys and accessories in the country.

More than 6 million millennials — or 18 per cent of the population — purchased toys and games last year and about two-thirds of them were buying toys for their children, according to the report.

“We have seen an exponential increase in toy and entertainment purchases over the last couple of years,” said Mark Schoenecker, executive director of the association.

“I think it’s a sign of a generational shift and that we’re really, really going to be looking at the toys and the products that we use every day.”‘

You will not pay for this’ Consumers complain about a ‘frozen crisis’ in the United Kingdom Consumer complaints are particularly high in some parts of the U.K. where people are now opting for online shopping, such as on Amazon.

The Consumer Choice Index in England and Wales has climbed to 81.5 out of 100, from 81.3 in 2015.

Consumers are also complaining about higher prices in Canada, with some people saying they’re paying more for toys and other items online than they used to because of the financial crisis.

That’s also been reflected in the consumer spending of older people and other older groups, with older Canadians being the biggest group to be hit hard by the surge.

Some retailers are also reporting increases in toy prices, as they have to account for rising inflation.

The survey was conducted in January and February of this year.

The association said it’s working with toy manufacturers to provide consumers with the best prices possible and is also encouraging toy manufacturers and retailers to offer discounts to younger customers.

‘You may be surprised’ When asked about the impact of the recession on toys, some parents in the U, U.S. and Europe say they are surprised to hear that their kids are spending more money on toys than they did in the past.

“We have to deal with this crisis of a frozen crisis and we are not going to get the economy going,” said Laura Williams, a mother of three from New York City.

“My kids are being forced to spend more money and it’s making me so angry that I feel like I have to put them to sleep.”

‘They’re doing it because they’re afraid of what could happen’ Williams said she doesn’t feel she’s being left out of the buying process because she’s a Canadian and her children aren’t American.

She said she was surprised by the spike in toy spending, saying she’s used to spending more on toys in the States.

And while she’s not the biggest user of toys, she said she does like buying them.

“You may not feel like you’re spending a lot, but I like it,” Williams said.

Williams, who has three boys, said she’s worried about the economic downturn in her region and she is concerned about the cost of toys.

“I don’t think it is fair that I am paying more to get my kids into the store, because it’s just because I’m Canadian, I’m American, I don’t want to be Canadian anymore,” she said.

Williams said the toy companies need to offer refunds or credit cards if they make the purchase, but she doesn.

“They’re making it because you’re afraid what could really happen, and I think it will make it harder for parents to be able to afford to buy things they really love,” she added.

Other parents are taking their children out for the first time after the financial crash, and they’re still spending a significant amount on toys.

Teddy, a one-year-old who has autism, said he spent $25 on a toy for his birthday.

“When I was in kindergarten, I would have bought something like that,” he said.

“Now I am buying it for my birthday.

I would rather get it than go to the store.”

A toy company spokesperson said they are working with retailers to make toys more affordable, but that the increase in toys is an issue that’s being discussed by retailers and consumers themselves.

They said in a statement: “It is an unfortunate trend in recent years, but the trend is being recognized as a significant financial crisis and it is being addressed by retailers through the development of our own products to address this issue.”

The toys we offer will be priced appropriately and in a manner that reflects

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