Why are you being asked to use your credit card on your bank account?

With the banking crisis, credit card companies are trying to offer a more convenient way for consumers to pay their bills and get online shopping done.

However, a new report from financial intelligence firm Skopos Financial suggests that many consumers are reluctant to use their credit cards at the checkout line.

The report also found that only 10% of consumers say they have used their credit card in the past month, with another 10% saying they have never used their card.

Skopers CEO Mark Skopas said it was important to remember that many people don’t use their cards because they don’t like paying for it.

Skobodis CEO and co-founder Brian Ladd said, “People don’t want to pay for things they don’ know how to use.”

Ladd explained that many credit cards are only used for one transaction, so if people are hesitant to pay with their credit, they may be less likely to do it.

However if people aren’t reluctant to pay, then they may still want to use it for other purchases, such as a purchase at a convenience store.

“In general, consumers are more comfortable using a debit card, even if they aren’t sure how to do so,” Ladd told the Huffington Post.

“In the case of using a credit card for something like a purchase, you don’t have to worry about having to pay out the money or getting a bad credit score.”

Read the full report here.

Read more from Yahoo Finance:

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