What does this mean for students?

With an expected enrollment of more than 30,000 students this fall, the University of Texas at Austin has an estimated $2.3 billion in financial aid.

It’s a massive number, but it’s not the only university with money to spare.

It also has the largest student body in the country.

What happens if the financial aid department isn’t staffed with the kind of people that can help students like Emma Fennell, the 23-year-old junior who graduated from UT Austin in May.

Fennel’s parents, her two siblings, and her grandmother are all enrolled at UT Austin, and Fenner is enrolled as a freshman.

When she was a freshman, Fennella had no financial aid and had to borrow money to cover the costs of a year at UT Dallas.

Fentering Texas is the best thing that’s happened to her in a long time, Fesser said.

“The fact that I was able to go to school and finish and get a degree and get out of there,” she said, “that’s the biggest thing I think I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

But Fennelli said the money is only going toward essentials.

For instance, Fenters mom’s parents had to pay $250,000 for the purchase of a house in Dallas.

And her grandma is currently trying to pay off her student loans, so Fennelle said she’s already looking to start college tuition at UT in a few years.

“I’m kind of scared right now,” Fennells mom said.

Fentsers mother is a student and Fenter is a sophomore, and they are the only two living in the neighborhood where Emma Fernell is enrolled.

Her family’s troubles have been well documented.

Fernelli said her mom was fired from her job last year, and now her mother and grandmother are trying to make ends meet.

“They’ve been struggling,” Fernells mom told me.

Fessers father was charged with domestic violence, which he is now serving a 30-day sentence.

Ferenell, Fernella, and others in the area have all been victims of violent crime in the past.

Fermell’s mother was a victim of domestic violence in the first place, Fentser said, but her grandmother was also a victim.

Fenser and her mother, like so many other residents of the neighborhood, said they’ve also heard from other families who have been forced out by drug dealers.

“It’s just a really depressing, sad story,” Fentress said.

She added that there are so many kids who are just not getting the education they need.

“And they’re being pushed out into the street and the drug dealers are doing it, and the kids just don’t have any help,” Fentserd said.

That’s why Fenners mother said she doesn’t want to return to the neighborhood.

“We just want to make it better,” she told me over the phone.

“If it was just me and Emma, it would be OK.”

She said she’d like to be able to help more students like her, and not just Emma Fenell.

She’s also frustrated that she can’t go to the school to see Emma Fidenell and her classmates.

“For Emma, she wants to go and go and see her friends and see what she can do, but she can only go to one school,” Fensers mom said, adding that she has been told she’ll have to wait another year before she can go.

“What is the point in getting a degree if you can’t even get a school?”

Fennrell said.

But Fentsell said that it’s a very difficult decision to make, but that she’s grateful for the help that she and her family have been receiving.

“Being able to come back here and live and work and be able get the education I want, and see my kids grow up and have a future and have their dreams come true, that’s what I’m grateful for,” Fenells mom added.

Fidenelli said she and Fesseros mom have both received financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants, and that her daughter is also getting a college education.

“Her scholarships have been a great source of support,” Fessero said.

It seems that Ferneros school is also a part of the problem, as well.

According to a Texas Tribune investigation, there are at least 20,000 other schools with financial aid for students in the Austin area, but they’re all too often clustered in neighborhoods of the same color and culture.

“When I came to UT, I was really scared,” Fentonell said.

However, Fentonella said she hasn’t been afraid to take on the challenge of learning in a new place.

“Now I’m learning at my own pace,” she added.

“My dad doesn’t understand why I’m taking a class like this, he just wants me to be smart.” Fenn

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