How to use the new ‘tambor’ keyword

The Australian Capital Territory is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, and one of its key innovations is the new, more exotic, term “tamor”.

“Tamor is one of the most exotic and unique terms we have coined and we are really proud to have coined it,” said a spokesperson for the Territory’s tourism department.

“The term is based on a word we invented in the 1960s, which meant the word ‘mountain’,” she said.

“It is not a mountain in the traditional sense but it is a place that people call a mountain.”

If you look at the word mountain, you will find a lot of words which mean the same thing.

“Tourism NT chief executive Peter MacLennan said the Territory was thrilled to be the first jurisdiction in the country to launch the term “mountain” as a term of art.”

Taming the mountain is really important because it’s a great example of how to do things that we really don’t like,” Mr MacLenna said.

The Territory also introduced a new way to use a term which the Territory Government is calling “Tamori” – a term that was coined by the NT Government.”

We have really adopted the Tamori term to be used by the Tourism NT team in our marketing and in our branding,” Mr McLeod said.

Tourism Department spokesperson Peter MacLeod says the word “tamar” is not the name of a mountain, but rather the name that has come to be associated with the Territory.”

What we are going to be calling it Tamori is not what is currently known as the word mount, but it’s what we are calling it because that is what people call it,” he said.

He said the term came about after a survey was done about how to use it, and he thought the word had a good ring to it.”

When you look up the word, you think of it as a mountain or mountain-like mountain, so it’s just a name that people have had for a long time,” Mr McLennan explained.”

So that is really the reason for it to be called Tamori.

“Tourist Tourism NT chief Peter Maclenna says the name Tamori should be used in tourism marketing.”

Why should a word that is not actually a word mean what people think of when they use it?” he said, adding that the new word would also help tourists and locals alike.”

One of the things that people tend to be attracted to is that they are really aware of the mountains that they’re travelling to and they know that they need to stay in the mountains,” Mr Macklin said.

Tambor has a different meaning in Australia, but the Territory is one jurisdiction where people have found a new meaning for it.

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