What are your bank loans and deposits worth?

Financial aid has come under fire for some time now, with banks saying that it is too expensive and not enough for most borrowers.

In recent years, however, the Bank of England has said that its lending policies are improving and that it has taken the issue more seriously.

But what are your deposits worth and how much do they have?

The Bank of Scotland and others have published figures to show what they say is the true value of your loan and the amount of interest you could be getting.

Here are some other questions you might want to ask.

What is a loan?

What is the Bank’s definition of a loan and what is the repayment schedule?

Is there a repayment schedule and is interest on it fixed?

Is it a ‘fixed’ loan, meaning that interest will be paid on it for a fixed amount of time, or a variable loan, which means that interest can change depending on the economy and the economy’s needs?

Is a loan interest-only, meaning it doesn’t earn interest?

Does the loan interest or a fee?

If the interest is interest-free, is it a loan or a loan-fee?

Is interest paid monthly or quarterly?

Can you apply for an income-related loan?

Does your loan cover any expenses, including rent, or do they cover a flat fee?

What’s the repayment period?

Does it cover the interest on the loan or only the interest?

Do you have to repay the loan within a certain period of time?

If you can repay it, how long do you need to do so?

What if you need more money and the interest doesn’t cover it?

Does interest have to be paid annually?

Can I get a loan to help pay for my housing costs?

Can my children get a mortgage on their home?

Can they buy an expensive home?

Is the repayment on your loan a fixed or variable rate?

Are there any conditions on the repayment?

Can the interest be withheld?

Are they repayable over time?

Can interest on your loans be withheld if the loan is no longer profitable?

What are the repayment terms?

Can a student borrow money to study or take part in a course at university?

Can an elderly person borrow money for medical expenses?

Can someone with mental health issues borrow money?

Is your loan interest free?

Is repayment on a fixed rate?

Is debt repayment paid in instalments?

Is payment in instalaent?

Is repayable on a loan repayment schedule that doesn’t include a flat charge?

Can borrowers repay on a lump sum?

Does a lump-sum repayment guarantee?

How can I get help with a loan payment?

How do I apply for help?

Are I eligible for help from the Department for Work and Pensions?

What about student loans?

Are students eligible for a loan in the first place?

Are all students eligible?

Is my loan subject to interest?

What should I know about student loan interest rates?

What does interest mean?

What do you mean when you say you’re getting interest-interest-free?

How does interest work?

How long does interest on a bank loan last?

What can you get for a student loan?

How to find out how much you owe and what you can get for it.

Is interest on bank loans fixed?

How much interest can I earn?

How many interest-based repayment schemes are there?

How are interest-driven repayment plans funded?

How is interest calculated?

How should you apply?

Is student loan repayment income-based?

Are loans paid in monthly instalents?

How interest is paid on a student loans repayment schedule.

What do the government’s figures mean for you?

Can banks help you with the debt?

Can employers give you a loan with an interest rate?

Does student loan repayments have to start in the same month that a student repayments is completed?

Is an employer-sponsored loan eligible for an interest-rate-free repayment?

Does an employer have to pay interest on an interest repayment scheme?

Is anyone entitled to a student’s interest-paying allowance?

What you need from the government to get an interest free loan

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