Toyota Financial Services to Introduce Financial Advisors in U.S. for Toyota Prius vehicles

Toyota Financial has announced plans to open a financial services team in the U.K. to provide financial services for the Prius and its owners.

The company announced the expansion of the financial services office on Wednesday, citing the growing number of Prius owners in the country.

Toyota Financial CEO Tom Rolfe said the company will add more financial advisors and staff to the team to help customers with financial issues and provide advice to owners on how to best manage their financial affairs. 

“We are confident that we will be able to attract the most experienced financial advisors from outside the U, and we will invest heavily in the region to create an environment where Prius customers can get the best financial advice from the very best financial advisors in the world,” Rolfo said in a statement. 

Toyota Financial is planning to launch the financial service team in April, according to the company.

The financial services division will help the Priuses owners with financial planning and manage their finances.

The new office will also be available to owners of other Toyota vehicles, such as the Prix, that are equipped with the latest software and connectivity. 

Porsche Financial Services has announced that it will be adding financial advisors to its business in the United Kingdom to help its owners navigate the complex financial landscape of owning a car. 

The move follows Porsche’s decision to hire a team of financial advisors that will work with its owners in an effort to better manage their investment.

Porsche Financial, which operates in the Netherlands and the U and Europe, said in October that it plans to hire financial advisors as it continues to ramp up its business. 

According to the Financial Times, Porsche Financial said in March that it had added an investment banking, legal and regulatory department. 

Other financial services companies that have been in the financial markets since the end of the Cold War include Wells Fargo, TD Ameritrade and TD Amerigrade.

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