What the Toyota logo looks like in the flesh

Toyota is now using a “digital tattoo” for its cars and trucks, but the company has yet to explain what it is actually doing with the technology.

The company unveiled a new “digital tattoos” technology on Wednesday that could be used in its cars.

The technology is similar to the ink used on a human hand, but is based on digital technology that could allow Toyota to take digital information from the driver’s computer to create a tattoo on the car.

The technology is being developed by the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), the research arm of Toyota Motor Corp. The tattoo technology is the result of an early-stage collaboration between Toyota and MIT, the research group behind Google Glass.

Toyota’s logo is on the back of a driver’s dashboard, which is connected to the driver via a sensor, so that the driver can see a tattoo without seeing the tattoo itself.

The logo is not visible on the dashboard, but it can be seen by drivers and passengers.

The tattoo technology uses a scanning technique known as “pigmentation,” and the result is an ink that is visible to the human eye.

It could be useful for automotive technology in other ways, such as for automotive designers to use digital information to create new features.

“It is not a digital tattoo but a tattoo of digital information,” said Mitsunori Mitsunaka, a Toyota executive who led the project.

The ink technology is different from tattoo technology used in other car brands, such the Lexus Lexus ES300, which has a unique design.

In a 2015 paper by the Harvard Business School, Toyota researchers showed that the company’s logo can be digitally printed on the front of the car, in addition to the car itself.

But that technology requires ink to be used on the plastic that is mounted on the side of the body.

Toyota has yet, for example, released a car model that uses the Pigment Ink system.

In the paper, Mitsunawa and his colleagues presented a system that they dubbed “pigeonpig,” after the company name for the Pigmented Ink system, which they named after the piglet.

The team then tested the system on several models of the Toyota ES300 in the lab and found that it worked well.

The pigment system has already been used in Toyota’s other vehicles, such a hybrid vehicle called the Infiniti QX70, which uses a “super-charged” hybrid battery that uses liquid oxygen to make hydrogen.

Toyota says that the pigment ink is being used to create “new digital technology for our vehicles and our people.”

In other words, the company is using a different type of technology to create tattoos that look like a digital design of the cars and vehicles it produces.

The company is hoping that the ink technology will allow it to produce cars with better safety features, like anti-lock brakes and a collision-avoidance system that uses radar and cameras to detect pedestrians.

In addition to Toyota, other automakers have developed tattoos using pigmented ink, including Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and Ford, which owns Lincoln.

In March, Ford announced that it would use pigmented technology to produce the company-specific Lincoln LMR.

Ford said in a statement that it is now working with a company called “Fusion” to build a system for making digital tattoos that uses laser scanning technology.

Fusion has been working with Toyota to develop a “flexible ink technology” that it hopes can be used by automakers in the future.

Ford is not the only company developing digital tattoos.

Google is also using a pigmented tattoo technology to make some of its cars more environmentally friendly, including the Lexis NX.

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