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ESPN Clic Info — What’s the latest?

— ESPN Crizzly’s Nick Wagoner is in Los Angeles to preview the NBA All-Star Game on Thursday.

Here are the latest updates: The NBA Allstar Game is expected to draw a record-breaking crowd.

More than 2.6 million fans have paid to attend a game in its 39-year history, according to the league.

That’s nearly twice as many fans as have attended the previous event in 2012.

That means a record $6.5 billion will be spent on the game, and that’s before any of the games revenue streams will be made public.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is expected on Thursday to announce that the All-Stars will be paid out a total of $10 million for their efforts in supporting the league, including the salaries of star players Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul and others.

NBA AllStar Weekend is set to kick off Thursday night.

The event will air on TNT and air live on ESPNU, with TNT and ESPN airing all games.

This is the first time a league event has received a combined $10.5 million from its participants.

Here is what you need to know about the NBA’s All-star game: The All-stars are expected to earn a total revenue of about $9.7 billion, according a statement from the league on Thursday, with the NBAPA’s Paul Pierce, Chris Webber, Kevin Garnett, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Steve Francis and Shaquille O’Neal expected to make the most.

This total includes the league’s share of ticket sales, sponsorship and other revenue, plus a portion of the game’s operating costs, such as the television and ticket advertising and the hotels.

ESPN reported that the total was closer to $7 billion for the NBA.

All the games broadcast by TNT and CBS are expected pay out about $2.5 to $2,845 per ticket.

The remaining games will pay about $1.7 to $1,908 per ticket for the television networks.

The NBAPA and NBA have worked together on the All Star Game since 2008.

The league is expected spend more than $3 billion to $4 billion on the event.

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