How to pay off your student loans

I’ve heard the word “unlucky” used to describe students who don’t have access to their federal financial aid package, but that’s just not the case for many.

It’s just as likely that they’re not even able to pay their loans off in full, because their loans have become so big.

And while many students receive aid that’s much bigger than what they could ever pay off, they still can’t make it happen.

Here are some of the ways they can go about paying off their loans.1.

Apply for a student loan consolidation loan2.

Pay off a credit card for a loan you can’t pay off with your federal loan5.

Apply to get a credit line from a government agency to pay down your student loan.6.

Apply, and get a deferment from your student aid to pay your loans off with a credit check7.

Apply again, and your deferment will expire.8.

Apply and wait for a deferral for a second deferment.9.

Make another payment.10.

Apply with a new deferment to make up for lost or delayed payments.11.

Pay back the first deferment with a refund, and apply again to get another deferment and a refund.12.

Apply twice, and the second deferments will expire, too.13.

Pay down your credit card debt for an extension that’s up to a year, but you can apply to have it cancelled altogether.14.

Get a credit score for free, and pay off all your debt to get one.15.



Apply two more times and the next deferment expires.17.

Apply a third time and the deferment ends.18.

Pay a credit repair bill.19.

Apply three more times, and you’ll get a $100 loan repayment credit.20.

Pay it off and you’re set for a bigger payoff.21.

Apply four more times to get an extension to get it paid off.22.

Pay your credit bill and you can make it even bigger.23.

Apply another credit repair and you could get a loan that’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.24.

Pay the debt off, get a repayments credit, and move on.25.

Apply five more times before you’re stuck.26.

Apply one more time, and it will go away.27.

Pay that $100 credit repair, and all the rest of your debt is gone.28.

Make a big payment with a loan consolidation that will put you over the $2,000 mark.29.

Pay all your credit debt off at once with a student loans consolidation loan.30.

Apply your own student loans, and use that money to pay for your own debt.31.

Use a student finance website to find ways to pay the full cost of your student debt.32.

Apply on a credit report and pay the debt you didn’t owe.33.

Apply online for an affordable student loan, with an approved borrower.34.

Find ways to make your student debts disappear.35.

Find out how much you can pay off the debt without going to court.36.

Get an online deferment, and when you do get it, you won’t have to go to court to pay it off.37.

Pay one or more debts off in your own name with a personal loan.38.

Pay more in a year with a savings plan.39.

Pay in full when you get a refund for your student finance debt.40.

Get help with your student financial aid application.41.

Get advice from a loan repayment expert to make sure your student needs aren’t hurting you.42.

Apply in person at a lender office.

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