How to avoid becoming a bank casualty in 2018

The future of financial services has changed significantly in the past decade.

With so many banks now competing for business, and so many clients relying on banks as the sole provider of financial advice, it is no surprise that many are struggling to keep up.

It is no wonder that the Australian financial services industry has seen a steep decline in recent years.

For example, the number of financial advisers who work in Australia fell by more than one-third between 2011 and 2015.

The number of senior staff in Australia is set to plummet by more like 40 per cent by 2026, according to the latest Australian Financial Markets and Services Association (AFMSA) forecast.

That is a steep drop, with the number that will be left will be a smaller pool of people than the number in the middle of that range.

But it is the financial industry’s reliance on the banking sector that is causing the greatest problems.

The big players like Western Union, Interac, and the likes of Western Union and Westernpac are the only financial firms in the industry to have survived in the face of the financial crisis.

But the rest of the industry has struggled.

This has created a situation where the big banks have a dominant presence in financial advice.

They can be more influential than they were in the 1990s, when the industry was much smaller and the industry had fewer players.

This is why the major banks have been able to maintain their dominant position in the financial services sector and continue to make huge profits for their shareholders.

But with the financial system facing significant uncertainty and growing pressure from the wider economy, the major financial institutions are facing a serious financial challenge.

This challenge is one that they need to respond to and they need the services of a large number of independent financial advisers.

To achieve this, they have a number of options available.

They could look to hire their own independent financial experts, or they could recruit a small number of specialist financial advisers to help them deliver services to the consumer and the wider financial services community.

The industry is also facing challenges in other areas.

While the number and quality of independent advisers has improved, there are still a number who are not providing financial services that are relevant to their clients.

This can be particularly difficult in the context of the global financial crisis, which saw a number people lose their jobs and businesses close.

This situation is compounded by the fact that the financial markets are currently being restructured, which means that the regulatory framework around the sector has changed and there are new rules and regulations coming into force.

As a result, the big players are facing increasing competition from a range of independent and small players, who will compete for the business.

They will be competing to deliver better services to their customers.

The key to surviving this transition is to be able to rely on the services provided by independent and independent-provider financial advisers, and not rely on other financial services providers to do so.

A recent report from the Financial Services Council of Australia (FSCA) suggests that the major players should look to recruit outside advisers, rather than relying on a small network of advisers.

The report found that a combination of outside financial advisers and the need to retain the expertise of the big five banks would help them to meet their financial challenges.

The FSCA recommends that the big four major financial players should “adopt a strategic approach” to the financial service industry.

This means that they should consider whether it makes financial sense to hire independent and professional advisers in addition to the traditional services of their existing advisers.

This could mean focusing on one or two financial services, such as the financial advisers in the small business sector, or a combination.

But this strategy should be tailored to meet the needs of the broader financial services market, and allow the major firms to continue to offer their services to as many customers as possible.

Financial advisers can provide valuable insight into how the industry is operating and how the market will evolve over the next few years.

However, the FSCSA also notes that independent financial advice services should also be included in the discussion around the future of the banking industry, and how it can evolve.

There are a number options for these services, and while some have been developed, the financial sector is facing a number challenges in the near term.

Financial services are a growing sector in Australia, but it is still the industry with the largest number of people and the largest size of firms.

The financial services profession has a long history of providing advice to people.

In recent years, the sector is increasingly reliant on the expertise and skills of professional advisers, who are able to deliver financial services in a cost-effective manner.

The major financial firms have been very successful in attracting the skills and experience of their advisers, but the industry still faces challenges in maintaining the expertise that it has in providing financial advice to its clients.

One of the biggest challenges facing the financial institutions and the banks is that their financial advisers are not adequately trained.

They often lack the knowledge of the sector’s financial services practitioners, who have been trained by the

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