Lexus Financial, Trustone and Lincoln Financial enter into a strategic agreement for Lincoln Financial Field

FOX News — A new partnership between Lincoln Financial and financial giant Trustone will enable the Lincoln Financial financial field to offer new, flexible and more accessible financial services to Lincoln Financial customers.

The financial services and technology company will launch its first line of banking products to Lincoln financial customers, including its first online financial services for businesses, on Tuesday.

The Lincoln Financial partnership will help to accelerate the development of Lincoln Financial products for financial services consumers and small businesses, and provide Lincoln Financial a significant competitive advantage in a market where most banks are now focused on their own online offerings, said Michael S. Miller, Lincoln Financial’s chief executive officer.

The partnership will allow Lincoln Financial to continue to offer Lincoln Financial clients a new, more innovative and flexible way to access financial services at a faster and more cost-effective rate, Miller said.

Lincoln Financial also will be able to offer additional Lincoln Financial-branded products to its Lincoln Financial Financial Field customers, as well as to its other customers and partners, as it continues to focus on its own financial services offerings, Miller added.

“The Lincoln financial field is the largest consumer financial services market in the U.S. today,” said Lincoln Financial CEO John P. Gartner.

“Lincoln financial offers financial services customers a new way to do business online that is more affordable, easier to use, secure, and more flexible than the traditional banking services available today.”

Lincoln’s online financial platform will be available to more than 20 million consumers in the LincolnFinancial Field, which includes all of Lincoln’s consumer financial products.

The LincolnFinancial site, which currently offers about 10 million accounts, will be upgraded to include more than 30 million accounts by the end of 2018, Miller stated.

The combined Lincoln Financial field and Trustone financial services will offer a full-service banking offering that is free of charge to Lincoln consumers and their small businesses and can also be accessed on Trustone’s Lincoln Financial Platform.

The combined Lincoln financial and Trustones financial services offers, which also include online banking and mobile applications, will offer access to Lincoln’s most popular products, including Lincoln’s Lincoln products, the Lincoln Insurance products and Lincoln products with the Lincoln brand.

In the coming months, Lincoln will launch a new mobile app, Lincoln Savings, to bring additional Lincoln financial products to customers in the field.

Lenders will also offer Lincoln Savings mobile applications for consumers and businesses, Miller explained.

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