What to know about PurePoint’s financial engineering platform

PurePoint Financial Engineering is a financial engineering company that focuses on building financial analytics software that can help companies understand and manage their financial risks.

The company offers software that integrates financial, business, investment, legal, and regulatory analytics tools into a single platform that helps companies build and manage better risk profiles, track their financial health, and reduce their exposure to fraud.

The team also offers software for a wide range of industries, including banking, real estate, real-estate investment trusts, health care, education, healthcare finance, investment management, and financial consulting.

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In a new video, PurePoint CEO Jeff Miller says the company will offer a “finance-based experience” that is “much more efficient than existing solutions” that are “simply based on formulas and mathematical calculations.”

Miller says PurePoint will offer “financial engineering” software that allows users to “analyze their data to identify patterns and trends.”

The company has partnered with financial-services firm Fidelity to provide this software, he said.

“Our product is the next step in financial engineering in the field,” Miller said in the video.

“And it’s built on the same platform that we use to manage our business, which is called PurePoint.”

Miller said PurePoint was founded in 2010 and was the first financial engineering firm to use financial engineering software.

The software uses a proprietary mathematical model to analyze financial data and predicts outcomes based on a variety of factors including business conditions, trends in the market, and the risk profile of an entity.

It’s “designed to help you understand the risk of a company, the risks that a company is facing, and how that risk is impacting their business,” Miller explained.

The PurePoint team has also developed a suite of financial analytics tools that are being used by major financial services firms and insurance companies, including Merrill Lynch, Anthem, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Miller said the company is working with some of the world’s top financial services companies to make these tools more affordable for individuals and businesses.

Miller said the software can also be used for predictive analysis of companies.

“It can help you determine where a company might go from here.

For instance, we know that if you’ve been investing in healthcare companies, it might make sense to take a look at how the healthcare industry is doing in terms of risk management,” Miller told CNBC.

“If you’ve got a health insurance company, it could give you a sense of what you can expect over the next year.”

The company has raised $1.5 million from Fidelity and has set up a web-based platform called PurePoints Health Analytics that provides a suite to help users get financial insights on their own.

PurePoint has also partnered with a number of large financial firms, including JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America.

The company is also working with a group of companies, such as JP Morgan Chase, to create a financial analytics platform for health insurers, Miller said.

The new PurePoint platform, he added, “is designed to provide a simple and easy way for companies to build a financial health analysis system, with a focus on health insurance companies.”

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